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A summary 0f my Army Days in the ASA
For more information about the ASA and The cryptologic Intelligence Community see the additional pages.

lSG Lawrence Galt
  US Army (Ret)
Mar 59 - Oct 79


I couldn't resist a little bloging about my first carrier involved with "COMINT", the acronym for communication Intelligence. In March of 1959 I enlisted in the Army with guaranteed assignment to an organization then know as the Army Security Agency. It doesn't exist any longer having been totally absorbed into the rest of Military Intelligence during a restructuring that began in 1976 and was completed several years after I retired.

First I was sent to the normal basic training at Fort Ord California where I received a bit of extra attention from NCOs who were aware of (and unfavorable towards) my ASA assignment. Then two months latter, after completing basic, I was off to Fort Devens Massachusetts for my AIT or Advanced Individual Training.

Although I clearly had absolutely no aptitude for it they initially tried to train me to become an (058/05H) Morse Code Intercept Operator. In those days no one was allowed to talk publicly about "Interception" so we were referred to as simply "Morse" or "Morse Code" operators. At any rate I couldn't make enough progress at learning the code and so failed to become a "Diddy-Bopper" as we referred to ourselves.

When I washed out of the code classes Instead of being sent off as a cook or a driver I was reassigned to another MOS school. Apparently someone liked my attitude This time I was being taught to be a "Traffic Analyst". The full title of this MOS (982/98C) was Communication Intelligence Traffic Analyst. This job had nothing to do with traffic as you would normally think about it, instead it involved processing intercepted communications traffic. The idea was to mine it for as much information as possible about the the intercepted station and it's communications network.

After graduating as a 982 I was sent off to my first assignment on the island of Okinawa, then a US protectorate.

The following list summarizes my military service:

  • Mar 59 Enlisted, Basic - Ft. Ord, CA.
  • Jun 59 AIT - Ft. Devens, MA - Trained as Traffic analyst (982) PVT(E2) Jul 59, PFC(E3) Dec 59.
  • Mar 60 - 3rd USASAFS (Torii Station) Sobe, Okinawa - Traffic Analyst (982) SP4(E4) Jan 61, SP5 (E5) Dec 61. ((Also TDY to RVN as advisor during this period)).
  • Feb 62 - 51st USASA SOC also know as JSPC (Torii Station) Sobe, Okinawa - Traffic Analyst.
  • Jun 64 - 4th USASAFS (Kagnew Station) Asmara, Ethiopia - Traffic Analyst and Intercept Control Supervisor (982/98C) SP6(E6) Nov 64 then lateral promotion to SSG(E6) Jan 66. - Meet and married my wife Donna while she was there teaching military dependents.
  • Jan 67 - 330th RR Co, USARV, Pleku, RVN - Intercept Control Supervisor (98C).
  • Sep 67 - 371st RR Co, 1st Cav Div An Kai - Traffic Analyst (98C) SFC(E7) Sep 67.
  • Nov 67 - Fwd Det 371st RR Co, 1st Cav Div Fwd, Left Bank (LZ English/LZ Two bits) , Bong Song, RVN - Det NCOIC (98C).
  • Feb 68 - 352nd ASA Co (Mec Div), Ft. Carson, CO - Traffic Analyst (98C).
  • Apr 69 - 352nd ASA Co (Mec Div), Ft. Carson, CO - 1st Sergeant (98Z). - Our 1st Son Loren was born while we were here.
  • January 70 - 83rd RRSOU (Seri Court) Bangkok, Thailand - Processing NCOIC (98C).
  • Oct 70 - 7th RRFS (Ramasun Station) Udorn, Thailand - Traffic Analyst (98C).
  • Oct 70 - 7th RRFS (Ramasun Station), Det C/J Ubon, Thailand - Detachment NCOIC (98Z).
  • Sep 71 - Hq USASA (Arlington Hall Station) Arlington, VA - Operations NCO and Resource Management Authority (98Z). - Our 2nd Son Jason was born here.
  • Jul 74 - USASAFS Misawa, Misawa, Japan - Processing NCOIC, Mission Control Supervisor (98C), MSG (E8) Mar 75.
  • Jan 75 - USASAFS Misawa, Misawa, Japan - Operations NCOIC (98Z). See Footnote.
  • Mar 76 - USASAFS Misawa, Misawa, Japan - First Sergeant (98Z).
  • Jun 77 - USAISDSB, Ft. Devens, MA - Chief Instructor (98Z). Finally after all these years we have a Girl Ellisa born to us shortly before retirement.
  • Oct 79 - Retired - Returned to civilian life in my wife's home state of Ohio. It was here that our 3rd Son and final child Damon was born.

  • Note: There are numerous web sites reflecting memories of ASA Units, yet very little information is available about FS Misawa. I am putting a site together. If you have anything to contribute to such a endeavor please contact me.


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