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I'm Lawrence Galt, but you can call me Larry.

Throughout my life I have flittered around between a wide range of interests. While young I was a total geek, although that term wasn't used then. I loved Science and Mathematics. However, I didn't have the self discipline to be a good student. I just followed my interest of the moment, wherever it lead. In addition I loved the outdoors, liked photography, enjoyed fishing, dabbled with electronics, and was enthralled with codes and ciphers. On the plus side I have an above average IQ (140ish), I learn quickly, and I have an aptitude for pattern analysis. This is offset by dyslexia, very poor and slow reading skills, and a tendency to allow other interests to pull me off task. During this period in my life I became exposed to the message of Christ and initially accepted Him as my personal Savior. As with other aspects of my life I became consumed with becoming an exemplary follower of Christ. For several years afterwards I spent much of my free time learning as much as possible about Christian Theology. Although I have subsequently drifted away from him for years at a time I have always returned to trying to following these lessons of my youth.

After finishing High School I took a few unskilled jobs, then upon learning that the US Army would like to train me to use my cryptology interests I enlisted. 20 years later I retired as a senior NCO (First Sergeant). During that time I learned a lot about physical and communications security. I was deeply involved in the interception of communications, in the analysis of those intercepted communications to develop intelligence information, in reporting the information produced, and the management of the requisite resources. Along the way I also picked up skills as a trainer, supervisor, locksmith, radio operator, and a dozen other "Additional Duty" tasks. I also acquired a wife, two boys and an infant girl. My wife, a teacher, prodded me (God Bless Her) into acquiring some education credits culminating in an Electronics Degree. If you are interested in learning more about this period in my life or about The Army Security Agency your are invited to visit my Army Days Pages.

Upon leaving the Army I took a job with Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack) as an electronics technician. We settled into our first permanent home in the Cleveland suburb of Berea Ohio where the fourth and final child, a third boy, was born. Ten years later I had worked my way through several positions including management of progressively larger repair shops, and I had served as a regional computer service manager with an eight state area. This period helped me to further develop and solidify my supervisory, management, and training skills. I was also rapidly immersed into two private sector concepts which were new to me, that of profit and loss with the related fiscal responsibility issues, and of hiring and firing.

I bailed out of Tandy about the time that their market started rapidly shrinking. I then spent the next 10 years working 35-40 hours a week as a contractor on a "temporary part-time assignment" for LTV Steel. My task was to upgrade the skills of adult electrical workers thus enabling them to survive in an electronic world. It was during this time that Galt Ventures and Berea Training were born. With LTV I was the first of what eventually became a team which developed, prepared, and presented educational programs for four different groups of skilled trade workers. Upon completion of these courses the student had received training which was equivalent to that of a certified electronics technician at an associate degree level. Unfortunately LTV eventually passed into bankruptcy.

Shortly after LTV's failure "911" shook up our world. I rekindled acquaintances from my site security and intelligence gathering days. Some related electronics, locksmithing, and disaster preparedness professionals were added to the mix. The result is Transworld Strategic Alliance, a network of individuals that share information, concepts, plans, and procedures to improve the security of our world.

By that time my health was declining pretty rapidly. I have been diagnosed with chronic heart failure and classified as a, service connected, disabled veteran with a permanent 100% rating. But, every cloud has a silver lining. Finding that I was frequently asked a multitude of questions about my medical history I prepared an ID sized Medical History card. Each time that I drag it out the response has been "Wow, that's great, everyone should have one of these!". So one of my latest projects is to improve and market my medical ID card.

I did work two more years for the Department of Homeland Security before surrendering to my health and going into more or less full time retirement. Now I only take on a new task if it tweaks my interest.

So now I am fiddling with web site development. I have my own sites to practice on plus I am acting as site developer and webmaster for friends, family, and church . The Med ID Card project is still a real interest and I hope to move it along soon.

In addition to my work I enjoy many hobbies which include: leather craft, ham radio, target shooting, photography, and woodcarving.

And, as if that were not enough pleasure and satisfaction for one man, my daughter occasionally allows me to apply my talents at attempting to spoil her two delightful boys.

So I am continuing on taking life a day at a time. I am looking forward to each new day, as the old saw goes:

"If The Lords willing and the creek don't rise".


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